Raw&Refined Commodities d.o.o. - Serbia

    Raw&Refined Commodities entered the Serbian Energy market in 2009, forming “Raw and Refined Commodities doo”, which became licensed to trade electricity by license 312-110/2009-L-І, dated 14.12.2009 and licensed to trade gas by license 311.01-109/2009-L-І, dated 14.12.2009.

    Raw&Refined Commodities imports, exports and implements the transit of electricity across Serbia, which is facilitated by the favourable geographical location of the country. 

    The main player in the Serbian energy market is EPS, a vertically-integrated State company which holds a monopoly in the mining and transport of coal, and the generation and distribution of electricity. Since there is no Exchange for the trading of electricity, sell/buy deals can only be agreed by two-sided contracts with traders or EPS. EPS usually puts up for auction only surplus of electrical power on a weekly or monthly basis. Even though there is a Serbian trading floor on the Slovenian Exchange, SouthPool, but the volume of trade is not of significant commercial interest to the market participants.

    At present Srbijagas and YugoRosGaz, subsidiary of Gazprom, the Russian State gas monopoly, have a monopolistic position in the Serbian gas market, despite liberalization policies which are underway at a Government level. Raw&Refined Commodities forecasts that gas demand in Serbia will grow at least to 2015 due to the gasification of the southern parts of the country which has started and is now gathering pace.

    Electricity license

    Gas license