Raw&Refined Commodities  is today the name of a group of companies which entered the European electricity market in 2007, founded as Raw&Refined Commodities in Macedonia. They have representation in eight European countries as seven companies, licensed to trade in electricity and gas. 
Because of the especial characteristics of the energy business, Raw&Refined Commodities take an individual approach to each and every client to offer unique solutions to expressly satisfy the needs of consumers at the highest level. 
Raw&Refined Commodities is not going to rest on its laurels, despite its achievements, and is planning this year and next year to offer to consumers in the electricity and gas sector further goods and services of the highest quality in the new European markets.  


The group is structured to allow flexibility in its activities and to permit operational decisions to be easily made.


We are always ready to discuss any issue and to examine any possible project to ensure mutual benefit.