Mission & Strategy


Raw&Refined Commodities strategy – to increase its market share in current markets and broaden its presence in new markets. Strategic objectives will be met by:
  • Long term relationships with partners and consumers;
  • Proposing rapid, leadingedge and flexible solutions to our consumers;
  • Proposing energy products that fully match each consumer’s portfolio;
  • Focus on the final consumer. Satisfying final consumer needs by fully meeting their specific requirements has the highest priority for our Group;
  • Diversification in our portfolio of suppliers;
  • Broadening marketing outlets


The Raw&Refined Commodities mission – trading in electricity and gas, and delivering to final consumers.
Mission Statement:
We will develop the energy markets of Europe, by helping energy products to be used more efficiently, while simultaneously helping raise the capacity of generated power.


Raw&Refined Commodities takes upon itself full responsibility for conscientious enactment of all its duties to consumers of energy resources, for all European communities.


The European grid is unified and works in a parallel regime. Its synchronization is dependent on the system operators (TSOs), who use the grid and who have to pay especial attention to all issues of reliability, safety and security. Raw&Refined Commodities works very closely with the TSOs to meet every requirement and regulation, and to ensure maximum power at minimum risk, with minimal interruption to any work in parallel by UCTE or losses of power by them.